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    Our single blow testing system is the easiest to use. No complicated test procedures.

Why IID ?

Ignition interlock devices are a milestone achievement increasing traffic safety by reducing occurrences of drunk driving.

Safety As Design

Our device is designed to lower the risk of driving while intoxicated and to safeguard everyone on the road. 

Driving Responsibility

Our devices are intended to prevent DUI offenders from operating a vehicle and to give them a way to restore their driving privileges.


Courts may require individuals with DUI convictions to install an IID in their vehicles. The IID must be installed by a state-approved provider.


IIDs must undergo regular maintenance and calibration to ensure their accuracy. Users are typically required to return to the service provider at specified intervals (e.g., every 60 days) for maintenance, calibration, and data download to monitor compliance and any recorded violations.

Safe Driving

 If the device detects alcohol above a predetermined threshold, the vehicle will not start. Users may also be required to take rolling retests while driving to ensure they remain sober during the journey.